I bought my 208 in 2013, at the time the salesperson said that he had included an extended warranty/ motor plan on my car, which was signed for, long story short, the went in for a service, and the brakes were replaced, when I got my car back I complained to them that the car sounds like a tractor, and something is wrong, I took the car back to Peugeot and they fixed something … not sure what, and Peugeot Northcliff said that nothing was wrong with the car, eventually the gearbox packed on 60 000km I approached Peugeot only to find out about the motor plan that never existed and that there was nothing Peugeot could do for me except replace the gearbox at a whopping price, I then took the car to a private garage to have it fixed, upon investigation the technician said that when Peugeot replaced the brakes they never refilled or replaced the gearbox oil, burning out my gearbox, hence it packing up, and when I took it back to Peugeot complaining about the tractor noise, they then obviously refilled the gearbox with oil but overflowed it, I had oil running into my engine, it is now exactly 20 000km later and my gearbox again has packed up, now I ask with tears in my eyes being a widow and a mother of 2 children, what is my rights, because I am sitting with a faulty car, which is confirmed by the private garage who fixed my car, they have confirmed that it is a factory fault, and Peugeot Northcliff wants nothing to do with me, please help or advise as I am desperate. At the time which was 8 months ago when it first packed up I contacted Peugeot South Africa, still to this day have I not heard back from them, now it has packed up for the second time, and still Peugeot SA does not come back to me. I am truly disgusted and disappointed in Peugeot.

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