I am a 31 year old Accountant and saw an advertisement that claimed to be associated with Oprah and some other well known celebrities. I decided to try out the trial of the Acai Berry and Colon Clense pills. I marked on my calendar when I needed to call and cancel and made sure I would not be charged the full price. nThe Acai Berry pills had information with them when I received them and I was able to call and cancel. But the Colon Clense pills had no paper work with them and no contact information. There was a number on the bottle of pills but no one ever answered. nI searched the internet and couldn’t find anything for this PH Media that had to do with Colon Pills. Since I couldn’t get anyone on the phone and the company didn’t seem to exist I figured they went out of business. When my credit card statememt came in and there was a weird charge on it – my husband thought it was something he had bought. nThen the next month there was the charge again. Mind you – I had not received any more deliveries of pills since the trial bottles arrived. I called the number associated with the charge on my credit card and spoke with a woman in the customer service dept. This was a number I had never had access to before. nI told the woman I had not received any pills and shouldn’e be getting charged. I told her that I was never able to reach anyone at the customer service to cancel. Her response was: “We are here from 9-5 and our records show that you are receiving the deliveries of pills. You will not be refunded.”” I let her know I’d be taking that up with my credit card company. nI did call them and put in a dispute. So far they have cancelled my card and then told me not to pay the two $89.95 charges that were made by PH Media. They also told me that they have complaints in the 1

000s against this company. nI am hoping to win this dispute. But please beware that this is a major scam!!!! I am very surprised that the federal government has not gotten involved in some way – or even Oprah since they seem to keep using her image as a selling point. nGood luck and buyers beware!!! nStephanienDelran

New JerseyU.S.A.”

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