I was initially contacted in early March, 2015 by an affiliate recruiter to take a look at an unbelievable income opportunity called Pharos Mobile Pro. I will not name the affiliate recruiter in this report, at this time. | Pharos Mobile Pro represents itself as the developer and owner of Mobile WiFi technology which allows mobile wifi hotspot location owners with the ability to capture email addresses and social media account information of wifi users when they log onto the wifi hotspot. This data can be used to remarket to the wifi users via email and social retargeting. This technology also serves advertising content to the wifi users, and provides the wifi hotspot owner to profit from serving advertisements on their wifi network. | Sounds great so far… What business wouldn’t want to turn their wifi hotspot into a profit center for their business? | Pharos wows prospective affiliates with up-front commission projections of $4,000 – $8,000 per hotspot, plus thousands per month in recurring advertising commissions. | Sounds even better, right? | Pharos requires affiliates to pay an affiliate license fee, ranging from $997 – $3497 (depending on the package level) and $99 – $399 per month (depending on the monthly service level the affiliate desires). Prices have increased several times since Pharos has launched in late 2014. | Ok, there are lots of affiliate programs which require affiliates to purchase licenses and pay monthly support fees so this isn’t unusual. I mean, if this technology is real and the income potential is actual, it would be worth the investment, wouldn’t it? | Here are the problems: | 1) Pharos is NOT the developer, nor the owner, of this technology. Pharos is merely licensed to use and resell a white label hardware/firmware/software platform developed and owned by another party (I will not disclose the name of the developer/owner of this technology in this report, at this time). | Pharos provides affiliates with a license agreement which states that they are the owner of the technology. | 2) Pharos’ upfront commission projections are based on selling a $300 proprietary hardware access point, factory loaded with firmware that costs an additional $250 hotspot license for a shade under $700 – $1000 PER MONTH on a finance lease for 48 – 60 months. | YOU do the math: That’s a cost of $33,600 – $60,000 over 4 – 5 years for technology that costs just over $550! | Pharos’ finance company(ies) require(s) the hotspot owner to personally guarantee the finance agreement. In effect, Pharos is selling the hotspot owner’s personal credit (personal guarantee). It appears that finance companies are catching onto Pharos’ money game because I have not been able to verify a single system deployment from over 1 dozen affiliates I’ve spoken to since mid-March, 2015. | HOTSPOT OWNER WARNING: Pharos’ is grossly overcharging for this technology, and your personal credit will be on the line for technology you can expect to be outdated before your 48-60 month lease expires. | 3) In doing my due-diligence on Pharos Mobile Pro, I requested introductions to Pharos affiliates who have participated in successful deployments. Initially, the principals of Pharos resisted, but eventually gave me the contact information of an affiliate. During our conversations, I learned that this affiliate hadn’t made any presentations because he was waiting to receive a promised “demo kit” from Pharos before taking the program to his existing business contacts. | When Pharos followed up with me, I pressed them to provide me with contact information of an existing affiliate who had participated in a successful deployment and received the up-front commissions. Pharos provided me with contact information for an affiliate who lives and works in Oklahoma (I will not name this affiliate in this report, at this time). | When I contacted this affiliate, he told me everything I wanted to hear – that he had participated in 4 successful deployments and had received payment of $8,000 per deployement. When I asked him about the advertising commissions he told me that he was receiving them like clockwork. When I asked him some technical quesitons about how the platform works and how the advertising content is delivered to the hotspot users’ mobile devices, his story fell apart… he kept telling me that he had no idea, and that the principals took care of all the details and he got paid like clockwork. | His responses to my questions were suspicious because Pharos holds regular training webinars and the basic details are described on the webinars. Any affiliate would know the answers to the questions I asked. | 4) During the month of April, 2015, I spoke to 4 more affiliates I had been introduced to by the first affiliate mentioned above. From those conversations, it was apparent that everyone was getting suspicious about the viability of Pharos’ program because the principals were habitually late for client online presentations, and no one was aware of any successful system deployment. | Affiliates disclosed their participation level, and the license fees they were charged. Each of them had invested anywhere from $995 – $1995, and were paying anywhere from $99 – $299 per month to participate in the Pharos’ affiliate program. | Price differences were supposed to be justified by the affiliate benefits and service level each affiliate selected, but there were NO DISCERNIBLE DIFFERENCES in the actual benefits / services received. | Each affiliate was verbally promised that they would receive a professional “demo kit”, which would provide them with a wireless access point, flashed with firmware, and activated to work with the Pharos’ CMS. NONE actually received a “demo kit”. | Affiliates who pressed the issue with Pharos’ principals were put off, and threatened to be dropped from the program if they continued pressing the issue, or caused any problems with other affiliates. | Many affiliates were “terminated” and banned from participating on the Pharos Mobile Pro “Secret” Facebook group. Each time an affiliate was “terminated”, the principals made announcements on their training webinars that they had terminated an individual and the remaining affiliates were warned that the terminated affiliate had been terminated “for cause” and that the remaining affiliates should NOT contact the terminated affiliate or they would also be terminated “for cause”. | Terminated affiliates have demanded refunds for Pharos’ breach of good faith as they have never provided anything of value in exchange for the fees collected, as well as lying about being the developer/owner of the technology. | Pharos has refused to refund any money to affiliates. Credit card companies and PayPal have refused to assist in the refund process, because the principals have claimed that they were providing “software” which isn’t covered under their refund policies. Credit card companies and PayPal have been notified of the fraud being perpetrated against people and because they are not terminating their business relationships with Pharos are complicit in perpetuating this fraud. | As of Friday May 29, 2015, the affiliate recruiter has announced that he has terminated his relationship with Pharos and he has been contacting affiliates to apologize to them for their financial losses. | AFFILIATE WARNING: Do NOT Waste Your Money on Pharos Mobile Pro – this is a SCAM and FRAUD.


  • Name: Pharos Mobile Pro
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Broken Arrow
  • Address: 1109 S. 35TH ST.
  • Phone: (855) 979-8655
  • Website: