Complaint: Typical CL ad for a mom and pop company in business for less then 4 years so it seemed in the beginning Every driver employed there had been with them less then 6 months and the majority of them were either truck school grads or guys to old to work for reputable companies anymore or a combination of both The family mechanic is not ASE certified – he does not have a building to work on a truck in or any set hours of avail ability – All work done on trucks is done outside in a dirt lot. The trucks are retired over the road units with well over half a million miles and need work done very often – It takes this guy 3 or 4 days to do 5 hours of work because he’s constantly leaving the yard and returning at a later time while juggling repairs on several trucks simultaneously beep bopping to music feeding his face or going to a family pow wow. And he is the one and only mechanic for the entire company. For obvious reasons the trucks are hardly safe year round and would likely not pass a DOT inspection very well if at all The driver lounge consists of a K Mart quality dinky cottage with enough hot water to shower in about 4 minutes – The family non ASE mechanic ( John Phillips ) also lives in the cottage and is a complete slob with the tiny little shared kitchen. You will probably be told they have WiFi if you inquire during the hiring process – but what they won’t tell you is it’s broke and they are not getting it fixed. PhilCo is not very well liked by DOT or local authorities either – A truck school grad employed just 2 weeks killed a 22 year old man married with a newborn with the truck – he was arrested for vehicular homicide and claims he does not remember what led up to the accident – rumor was he probably fell asleep – Your paychecks are done by a 3rd party company and does “not include”” a trip report. You will get a a check and an online stub only. Any discrepancies in your pay will be solely up to you to provide proof of by what ever means you can come up with. If you get shorted it will be difficult to prove without a trip report to back it up. You also must work for half pay during any training time and you pay for all your work related gear – you wont get your first check for almost a month Drivers come and go on a weekly basis as do the CL ads – Apparently the company is owned by people in the farm and ranch business from another state. If PhilCo is out of business by the time I am done with this review it would’t surprise me and they can all go back to the farm where they belong”

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Address: North Dakota USA