Complaint: In a nutshell, I questioned a charge on my bill. It was not properly disclosed to me upfront, verbally. It was supposedly disclosed in the contract, but when Ed was checking me out for my rental period, he was so fast and bothered that I wasn’t given an opportunity to read the entire contract.Ralph (who checked us back in) was extremely belligerent and rude, and screamed that I could find my own ride to the airport along with my autistic son and husband. I am also physically disabled. He said that he had plenty of money and didn’t care about me, all while my son was standing there with me.Ralph should be fired for discrimination. Pete was also very abrasive on the phone every time I called, and Ed was very interested in doing anything but help me. Buyer beware.I am contacting the BBB, and a disabled person’s rights agency. We will never, ever, ever do business with them again. It was a horrifying experience.

Tags: Local Transportation

Address: 2934 E. McDowell St., Phoenix, Arizona United States of America


Phone: (602) 269-9310