They Will Quote you one Price and then write in another after they have taken your deposit.. the price is what it is but I would have liked to have been told the final price before I took the Car. I was told 75$ a Day for 3 days, which is 225 You add taxes and insurance should come to about 350$ But I was told 425 and they Held $850 on my Card the final Price was $607, which is $200 a day not $75 Had they told me the final Price of $607 I would have left the place! They gave me the car with only a Half tank I brought it back filled and the Car was dirty I had it washed. When I called them to discuss the price the guy on the Phone was a Jerk His tone was like yeah we Jerked you so what!


  • Name: Phoenix Car Rental
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: 2934 E McDowell Rd
  • Phone: 602-904-3490
  • Website: