Complaint: Had a transmission go on a Jeep Cherokee. AAMCO wanted $2300 to rebuild. Found Phoenix Hardparts on Internet. Placed a call, talked directly rather than ordering over net. Asked twice for order taker to check on right transmission. Assured he had it right. At this point, expected cost $400 R&R plus $825 for the trans. After a week, called again. Transmission on way. When it arrived, it was the wrong transmission. 21 spline rather than 23 spline shaft. Funny part is, the ONLY tranmission that fits a 4.0 Cylinder is the 23 spline. Since it was indistinguisable from a 21, other than the length of the spline, AAMCO installed. Called and talked to customer service. Sorry, sorry. Sent a new one. AAMCO installed. This one leaked copiously at the seal, even though the internet ad has all sort of “Pressure testing”” assurances. Called again. Offered to refund my money or pay for R&R and replacement of seal. Already out one R&R so decided to have it replaced. Yes

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Address: it worked. Sent receipts. Requested that they split the cost of 3 R&R’s. They sent $270

Website: but not very hard. Almost impossible to get in touch with. May answer your e-mails if the mood strikes. IF they had sent the proper tranmission in the first place (One that didn’t leak) would have worked out fine. But they didn’t. An important thing to remember is all of these shops fall back on the “”no costs for down time or other expenses.”” It actually wouldn’t have taken much to make me a satisfied customer. Hey

Phone: which was not even the cost of ONE R&R. Yes