Bought my software from PHPPROBID.COM in 2006 I was looking for a auction site since we own several stores.I contacted them with my needs,they offer to build my website and offer free hosting of it for life. So I paid. They delivered ! No problems for the 1st year Then things started to happen. | My website disaapeared 5 times in a year.I had to contact them because they control my website not me. then the problems happened 40 times in the 11 years i owned it.After many years of contacting phpprobid of bugs they had. They contacted me 2 years old saying I needed to pay for hosting. | I told them I had free hosting for life.They told me Ok.No problem. So I still had problems with my website I couldn’t change skins or upload Logo’s.So I contacted the m again! They told me I need to up grade.I said NO! Then my pics on my website started to disappear. Then I get this notice. Saying I have to pay for my hosting now. And the Suspened my account. | They wanted me to 75 pounds for my hosting. Not going to happen. They told me I had 11 years of hosting and I need to start paying for it.Because It has expired. So I contacted them and they said they never offered free hosting but I have had it for 11yrs!I wrote them. They said they see no record of free hosting.Now it’s time to Sue these websites that don’t honor there agreements. | Are Liars And I will prove it!


  • Name: PHP Pro Bid
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