This company collecting for Physiotherapy Associates for health related bills- I told this collection company to sent me proof beyond the fact the this company may have just say I owe them 2 bills NOW from 2013. They sent no proof to date. I also explained that I am contesting this two charge from 2013 because I had settled all outstanding accounts with their area manager in 2013-2014 because of so many errors they had made. I gave them on e check 2-3 years ago. This collection company responds that: We never reported these two accounts to any of the 3 major credit reporting company in the past! I told them what does this statement even means in response to my objection to these charges? I never received any other responses. I even gave them the name of the person I SETTLED all accounts in 2013-2014. Now 3 years later they sent me 2 more bills. I object and the company does not answer my contest to these charges. | This review is written in general for Physiotherapy Associates and not for specific branch. This company owes several other companies under its umbrella. The key is when you go to any physical therapy institute, that you would ask ” does your company has any relation at all with Physiotherapy Associates or Corporation?” ask the manager since front desk most likely will not know. Other names I have seen are : LifeBridge, Patriot Sports Medicine and others. 1- they allow students who need hours to fill their education requirements to work on patients. But they will charge your insurance company and your co-pay the same and no discount. I asked them several times that I did not want students to work on me but we always got into fights – 2- I found so many accounting errors for things that was not done or performed on me when I was at the session. I had to keep an eye on my account all the time since cheating was relentless. 3- I finally stopped going there. Settled all the problems and accounts with their area manager and gave them one lump sum check. 4- three years later, they started to send me notices for unpaid bill !! I called so many times and wrote letters with no avail. 5- When there are so many reputable physical therapy companies around why bother with these issues which is never ending ?? They own business in NJ, Indiana, VA, MD and many others and under different names so be aware.


  • Name: Physiotherapy Associates
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Exton
  • Address: 855 Springdale Drive, Suite 200
  • Phone: 610.644.7824
  • Website: