piccadillysuite | Piccadilly Banqueting Suite, Stratford Road. Bham. (I see you removed my negative review and 9 other “1 star rated” reviews!) Maybe you should address these issues? They have also hidden their Facebook page! I wonder why.. Let me help you out again, Overall Disgusting Service! As a film maker we engage with a lot of people and visit ample places. I can honestly say THIS is the WORST place of them all. There’s two Issues here, Issue 1 relating to me. Issue 2 the screw up of the Bride Entrance, yes you heard me right, totally screwed it up! (I have the footage if anyone at Piccadilly wants to see) Issue 1: Breaking of my filming equipment. (They REFUSED to give me their insurance details) A staff member knocked over my tripod which resulted in my camera and lens wacked the floor hard. The tripod was not in the way. The staff who dropped it happened to be Raaj’s son he is one of the many owners/manager’s Son. To put this into perspective the equipment is worth around £5,000. When I heard that loud BANG and looked over and thought please don’t tell me that was my tripod. Low and behold it way. Look, accidents happen, and I accept that, the staff member who dropped the tripod was very upset understandably he accepted he didn’t see it, and clearly said my dad will pay for it. Dad being the boss. As I was speaking to the staff, I was very calm given what had happened, what unfolded next was disgusting.A serving staff member came, rudely interrupted our conversation and demanded the lad who dropped my camera simple “walk away from the conversation”. Seriously, how rude and unprofessional is that. We continued to have a conversation and I told the young boy, look don’t worry about it and don’t stress over it. It’s done. I’ll let your dad pay for it and its end of. The serving team manager came back, and I said, look what you did was rude, and to be honest its taking the P (mick) I said your staff member was negligent he accepted his fault and clearly told me and others round me he “forget it was there and that he would get his dad to cover the costs for it”. Guys… you won’t believe what happened next. This serving manager flipped out, he went mental, he started throwing his arms about, and ended up calling me a M”-fker and to shut the Fk up”, yes, in front of all the guests!!!! This is how professional these lot are.Well done to the photographer who recorded all this! I’m happy to post it if you want to view it? So, the owner gets involved (who’ son dropped the tripod) I told him look this is disgusting, is this the level of service you provide. I asked for an apology from that serving manager, which didn’t happen, instead as he walked passed me he hissed at me???? (not sure what that meant, but there you go!) I noticed both these managers were all friendly “sorry sorry” whilse guests where watching to contain everything, when guests left, I took my damaged lens to him and shown him the price, I said look its worth £400 used, I purchased it for £850. You won’t believe what the owner offered me, he offered me £50!!! He went on to say, “trust me I can’t pay more, I only give you £50, as my staff wages are £35, and my son or not, I pay you £50”. honestly his exact words. What an Insult. I took the £50 and told him I will be giving this to charity. Issue 2: Brides Entrance Ok look at this for unprofessional. Bride is looking stunning, walking down the aisle with her brother, and the music stops, not once, but THREE TIMES!!! I ended up waving both hands at the venue guy (suggesting what the hell are you doing!!) As the bride makes her way down the aisle, the waitress about 6 of them, think it’s a good idea to walk up the aisle hold big black TRAYS with chutne and salad in them!!! Seriously, WTH moment! Well done to my photographer who stopped all of them in their tracks! Otherwise that would have been a disaster for the bride. These Piccadilly lot are unprofessional and rude. Avoid if you cant, since my review they have removed all their 1 to 4 stars rating, I wonder why….


  • Name: Piccadilly Banqueting Suite
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: Birmingham
  • Address: 372 Stratford Rd
  • Phone: 44 121 773 1658
  • Website: