To Wal-Mart Canal Winchester Store Manger, Picture Me Studio Corporate Manager & Picture Me Experience Customer Service: nDue to the my recent experience, I am highly upset and agitated in regards to the treatment I received from your representative at the Picture Me Studio located in the Wal-Mart Super center store in Canal Winchester, Ohio. I have worked in customer service for some years now, so I expect the up most service when I am on the receiving end. The behavior of the Picture Me representative, Samantha, was rude, unhelpful, uninformative, and absolutely unacceptable. I am very upset and after some time I am still unable to forget this experience. nI attempted to call the customer service number though I was on hold waiting for a representative for over a half and hour. Due to my work schedule this solution seemed better suited for me. Although, I am still very dissatisfied and I expect a resolution to follow. nMy boyfriend and I wanted to get a Christmas picture taken. His aunt also wanted to get a group picture including my boyfriend with her children. So we decided it would be better suited for us to do it all the same time. We called and made the appointment. When we placed the appointment we made not only one, but we scheduled two appointments. Nothing was said to us at the time, when clearly we all knew each other. nOn December 2, 2007 we arrived for our scheduled appointments, your representative, Samantha, told my boyfriends aunt, Kathy to pick their background. Then a few moments later she asked me to the same. I couldn’t choose so I just walked back to the portrait room with them. Samantha posed my boyfriend and her children. After a few pictures she said “Is this going to be the promo picture””. We said “”Yes!”” we liked it

at the time we knew nothing was to come from this decision. A few more pictures were taken of them and Samantha asks out of nowhere as if she were shocked I hadn’t been in the room the whole time and she didn’t see us all walk in together. “”Are you and him taking pictures next?”” I replied “”Yes!”” Not understanding the purpose of her question. She said “”Hold on a minute”” and walks out of the room. She quickly returns “”I can’t take your pictures next.”” I again

confused replied “”Why?”” she responds with “”Corporate only allows us one promo picture per group””. From this point on everything that she said she added “”Corporate says so”” which I thought was highly unprofessional. It was also highly un-informative that she was not upfront with this information. I still do not understand why she waited until she locked in our promo picture to let us know it was one picture per group. She then convinced us it would be cheaper to take pictures in his aunt package. Unsatisfied

but with no other options we do so. I was very angry by this time and I feel that we were very misled. Your representative should have let us know all the catches to the fine print. We were all unaware of this in the beginning. nAfter some time past

Samantha called us to the back to look at the prints. We started looking at them and I then realized how expensive it was going to be to get my prints I need