Complaint: Land Owner from Hell $$$$$$$Cha Ching August the 10Th 2013 gave Pike wood Manor notice I would be moving and selling my mobile home I had bought in 2007,it was than the owner of the park told me I have to sell my home,in the high thousands and anyone interested in purchasing this home would have to have a credit and criminal back ground checks and approved by them and it possibly could take up to 2 years before we sold it or found someone they approve of and would have to Pay the lot rent until the park approved the buyer it was at this time I thought no way could I move and continue to pay lot rent of 400.00 on a home that I am not gonna be living in. After several showings of this property,I ended up selling it to someone that said they could pass the credit and criminal background checks and was adamant that he wanted the home,I sent several other buyers away and sold at a unreal price to this buyer,because they practically beg me for it,God fearing and in need of a helping hand. When Kent Somers found out I had sold the property, he was furious and said I had no right to sell my property with out his approval,and than starting billing me Lot rent ,water bills grass mowing,property taxes,and worst of all said the persons I sold the home to would never move into this park even tho legally I can sell my home to whom ever I want,he than starting to tell the new owner he had to pay the lot rent for Oct water and all encumbrances assoc with this property,so to try and help them I paid the lot rent and all bills assoc with the property,and Kent excepted the monies and still wouldn’t allow the people to move in because he said their background checks was bad and showed criminal backgrounds,I than went and personally paid for a credit and criminal background report on this family to see for my self there was absolutely nothing there other than a few minor discrepancies on medical bills etc.,I approached Kent on this matter and he told me no matter what I do it would be a cold day in hell before he would allow this family to move in but the family would still be responsible for the up coming months of lot rent but can’t move in,I personally feel this person has discrimination law suit. I am so hurt and angry over this and feel terrible,for bottom line is no matter who you are if Kent doesn’t want you in there they make up lies and anything else to keep you out but make one responsible to pay lot rent until one just gives up. Now this family is scared to death to move in,even after the new owner got a letter sent to Kent by the past states attorney stating he had no criminal background plus a printout of the background I ran on him showing nothing there at all,I offered several times to the buyer before he and I went to the court house to transfer the deed if he was sure and he said he was on more than one occasion so I also paid for the transfer of the title paid all taxes and everything I could to bring the property to date,and still Kent after asking for proof of all the fore mentioned above was provided was still refused to let this family in the park,now this person is putting the home back up for sell to make a profit which he will be able to do,but Kent being the p***k he is I feel is gonna be non complainant,just because he feels he can….. I spoke to a family that lives there at one time this man was allowed to live there to care for his sickly grandmother and paid extra to kent for being there she died and left the home to him and Kent said he couldn’t live there even if the home is his and waited six months and went to court for the home the man abandoned and got title,so you get a idea of how this person works,I pray God above punishes this man it’s so very very sad someone is so money hungry and sly like a snake.. and a heart that is black to say the least..

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 53rd elyria ohio 44035 elyria, Ohio USA