feb 07, 2011 concerning pilot travel centers; knoxville,Tn.steven blair 865-474 -2291 inquiring about An incident I reported about the hostile, abusive attack By the manager at one of their stores.. My 1st contact with Mr. Blair was on 01-13-11. He called me 24 hrs after my 1st voice mail about my ordeal demanding I speak with him despite my telling him I couldn’t at that time because I was working. he then laughed at me and said he thought I had an emergency. I told him apparently pilot didn’t see it that way calling 24 hrs later. he continued to badger and taunt me and left his number and I told him I would get back when I could and follow up and repeated again everything he needed to know had been sent by me via their complaints site (which is below). So today I followed up. called Mr. Blair. He said that he talked to everyone of the employees and found that none of them had done ANYTHING wrong. I asked how was that possible did he get my complaint? He said no and that he “left a voice message explaining what he did.”” I responded that I got no such thing from him..Then incredibly he then went into the details of the complaint he said he never got(sometimes repeating word for word reading from it) and did a spin job on anything i complained about. nwhen I would question him

he would sidestep or refuse to answer any questions

play dumb

change the subject when I questioned the logic/ truth of what he said.. when I would try to talk

he would cut me off