Reservations were made ahead of time and when we showed up, not only were the reservations incorrect, again (we had chosen to stay there agaist our better judgement) but they said we had to stay out in the parkinglot until the next day. We explained that we had our trailer loaded and needed to unload everything before our family would be able to sleep. When we walked in to check out our site, there was a trailer next to our spot with their pop-out extended about a 8 inches into our spot, that was apparenly one of their workers. Now excausted from the long travel, not only did we have poor customer service, but the owner was beligerent reaked of alcohol, as she always does. This was not our first rodeo with her and yet we continued to choose that camp site to spend our vacation. Well not this time! Not only did she reak of alcohol, she was driving a golf cart under the influence and, as seen in the passed, has almost run down campers. This particular trip she was very condescending and made a racial reference to my family being ‘hitch-hikers.’ We even had a witness of several other workers of her demeaner and condescending treatment to me and my family. The witness informed us, when the owner was not around, that she was sorry for the mix-up and the way the owner was treating us but when the owner returned, the witness was obviously intimidated by the owner’s presence and decided to resend her apologies and would not back up what she was saying. Bottem line, we were asking for a refund of our deposit and the owner refused to give it to us even though the campsite she was trying to give us would not accommodate us and she expected our family to say in the parkinglot with nowhere to stay sleep for the night. Ultimately, we left the campsite (of full hookups) and stayed at OH Ridge (dry camped) for our vacation. The witness empoyee told us this kind of complication has been happening more and more as of lately and the owner is just as rude to others. I cannot believe the Forest Service would allow someone to run a campsite the say she is doing so and I cannot believe the State of California has not done something about her alcohol abuse while running a business. I have never been so appauled by the lack of custumer service ever! I am also going to be writing something in the Travel Magazine so no other family will have to endure what my family had to on what was supposed to be a vacation of relaxation. We will NEVER stay at Pine Cliff Resort ever again!

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