Nov. 14 I took my car to Pine forest automotive beforehand I took to Firestone and Firestone said I had a blown head gasket. Jimmy I guess the manager said it wasn’t a blown head gasket and said I needed a water pump manifold and new radiator. I paid $1306 for all repairs. On Nov 15 my car was still not running correctly. I took it back to Pine Forest Automotive and Jimmy told me there was nothing wrong with my car and they changed the oil. On Dec. 23 I was leaving to drive to St. Pete to see my family for Christmas. I went to accelerate up a hill and my car wouldn’t go. I barely made it off the road and the car was smoking heavily. Thank God I was only 55 miles away and had AAA. My holiday was ruined!!! I was stuck at home alone during Christmas not seeing my family and no transportation. The General Manager Ernie Angeles had the audacity to not give me a full refund or not guarantee I wouldn’t have to pay any more money!!!! $1300 is not enough huh?? Pine Forest Automotive is the worst shop ever they are scammers and con artists!!! Don’t ever bring your car there they will definitely rip you off!!!


  • Name: Pine Forest Automotive Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Pensacola
  • Address: 6809 Pine Forest Rd
  • Phone: 850-944-4759
  • Website: