There is no end to the incompetence that abounds at The Pingry School in Short Hills, New Jersey! Parents are asked to pay thousands of dollars to Pingry if they want to send their children to Pingry”s summer school, but who do they put in charge of it? Mrs. Carolyn Gibson, the teacher everyone is on the Internet complaining about because she uses drugs! I am a parent who dealt with her years ago and let me say this. What people are saying on the Internet about her is true. She is the sort of person who cannot handle even the most minor inconveniences of life without having to take illegal drugs to “help” her. She can”t help herself on any level, she was abusive to my son, and she is not a decent or competent person. She”s more like a human disaster area. While I find it rather amusing that Pingry is run by people too blind to see what she is, the children she comes into contact with deserve better than having to survive her.

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