Complaint: This man, Michael Brock, who owns this company claims to be raising money for breast cancer and donating it to the American Cancer Society and other organizations. This is not true – we called the American Cancer Society – there were no donations from him or his LLC – this is not a 501 Non Profit. So this man who alleges to be raising money for breast cancer is also a CONVICTED RAPIST. He robbed and anally raped a convenience store clerk in Florida. He served 7 years in prison for that rape, he also had an accomplice. He was also convicted of multiple accounts of attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison. He had this conviction overturned on appeal due to witness tampering but has openly admitted to committing the crime. He says he fired a gun in a crowded public establishment mutliple times in an attempt to kill certain individuals. He also claims to be a former loan shark and mafia henchman. He has ties to various infamous unsavory gangs and individuals. He has been accused of sexually and physically abusing several small children including a 3 year old boy who was found with large bruising and head trauma. There was also a 7 year old girl who is now an adult and claims he molested her, choked her with a belt and suffocated her with a garbage bag. She also stated he would kill her mother if she told anybody. Mothers of both children have filed both police reports and reports with the FBI. While this man claims to be making large sums of money in his endevours with this website – he is over $8,000 overdue in child support. He claims to not have a descent income and has spent a large quantity of money on building this business. He has been reported to the American Cancer Society for Fraud, The Inspector Generals Office for Child Support fraud and evasion. He has managed to lure in race car driver Justin Griffiths to support his cause as well as his mother Susan Griffiths. Susan Griffiths calls this her money making business and not a charitable organization – so you can already see what kind of people are running this organizatiuon. You can find Michael Brock’s sex offender registration on the FBI sex offender look up – also here is a link He has been arrested in Kansas City, Various areas in Arizona, California and several places in Florida He is a rampant abuser, both men and women claim to have been beaten and raped by this man. Do not support this man or his fake concern for individuals with cancer. He also slept with a woman dying of cancer in her 70’s when he was in his 30’s so he could gain access to her business and money. Her family was left with nothing when she died shortlt after – according to him. He brags about his conquests and even states he stages robberies for people who have recently won at the casinos. Michael Brock is a danger to society not a good man concerned for cancer victims – attached is a very old piture of him on his realease from prison – the elderly woman with cancer paid for him to have a limousine and a suit upon his release from prison for rape. He even managed to finagle the a member of the Walt Disney family to hire him as a body guard at one point – he was fired once they realized what a violent person he was. (2 months later)

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