I do not even know where to begin, other than DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! I have experienced the same problem that I’ve read many others have. I wish that I would have seen these reviews before ever dealing with them. 1. Their quote is not binding , once they come to your apartment/home all of a sudden it’s a different quote and it somehow turns almost $600 more than what I was quoted. Although I got a different quote, at that point they were at my apartment and I really didn’t have a choice because I had to move to Illinois in 2 days. 2. My order was picked up 9/21 and I was also told 10 days for delivery. My items came today 10/14! You do the math. 3. I was not kept updated of my shipment or who would be the carriers or when it would arrive. I had to constantly hound the company and when I did, I was told there was a problem at the warehouse and the were looking into it. Then without notice I received a call this morning from the SUBLEASED moving company that they were an hour away and to have the money ready. | 4. My belongings came in a ghetto truck and when the door was opened, all my stuff was torn, ripped open or damaged and literally fell out of the truck. When I told the driver to wait to unload until I called the company he started screaming “give me my money” he made such a scene thay a neighbor called the police. 5. The movers were in flip flops which fell off three times while moving my stuff. #scuffed toes 6. When I called the Pioneer office to complain, the manager of course was not in and no one knew what time she would return (of course) and when I told Gisselle the problem she was silent and all she said was that she would send claim info via email. 7. Oh yeah and missing 3 boxes. This company should NOT be in business. They are a total nightmare and thereis nothing professional about them. SCAMMERS!


  • Name: Pioneer Moving Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: North Bergen
  • Address: 7216 Bergenline Ave Ste 200
  • Phone: (844) 783-1168
  • Website: pioneermovinggroup.com/