I looked around for a suitable netbook computer. Battery life, Size and wireless were the most important criteria for me in that order. nPixmania were advertising the Advent 4213 netbook. I already knew that this product was available with different battery sizes and carefully checked Pixmania’s offer price and battery size. The price often reflects what battery is included and any portable product like this needs a good battery size. nPixmania published the technical attributes which stated overall weight with a 4300mAh battery. nI foolishly placed my order. When the item arrived the battery was packed separately. I carefully unwrapped it to find it was a much smaller 3600mAh battery. I read the handbook specification which listed 3 battery sizes, including the largest 4300mAh battery which I had expected. nThey chose to have the itenm returned rather than send a larger battery. I arranged for the item to be returned and was told checks would be made on receipt to determine if the unit was compliant or not. Their tracking information showed the unit returned and non-compliant. Then after some days of emails and phone calls, tracking information showing the item non-compliant mysteriously ‘disappeared’ from my account. I was told there was a computer fault. Fortunately I had anticipated problems early on and had captured screen dumps of the ‘missing’ tracking. nSome days later after sending messages and not getting replies, I eventually saw a tracked parcel had been sent. Nearly 3 weeks after I placed my order I received a second Advent 4213. It took me 2 minutes carefully opening their package to see they had sent the item with the same size battery: 3600mAh. nThere must be EU laws against advertising a product specification, then delivering something different. Pixmania had the opportunity to rectify the problem. They could have sourced and sent a larger battery pack. Instead they chose to frustrate the customer by giving assurances of product compliance, yet sending a second non-compliant item. nI’m waiting for their published product specification to be mysteriously changed to correspond with the Advent product they are shipping. nThere are so many bad things already said about this company, I won’t waste more space. nVoxmagnanSouthamptonUnited Kingdom

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