Complaint: In 1997 my best friend and I decided to go for a glass of tea, and a bite to eat. It was a hot blistering day in S. Louisiana the type we all experience here, my friend was workin on his trailor when I pulled up to his home. comments were made about the trailor and of course the heat. I invited him to go get some ac and a glass of tea, something we always did in the summertime. But this day since it was closer to get to I said lets stay this side of the river today, and go somewhere close so as we drove I spotted the pizza hut in patterson and said I could eat that today. As we got seated the waitress came and took our order and in a few seconds returned with our tea, we both gulpped them down quite fast as trying to drink all the tea in Louisiana that friend being a quite large man did this 3 more times at least, I had another glass, while he went to the restroom to wash his hands, after he returned he drank the rest of his tea and ask me if it tasted funny, I tasted it and said yes I belive it does. so we asked the waitress what type tea we were drinking she remarked with the type and that was that,or was it? There was a young black girl around the tea erns and came over and remarked ” I hope u gentelman did drink that I am cleaning the tea erns

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: oh s**t I remarked

Website: Lundy Enterprises dba pizza hut in Patterson Louisiana are filing bankruptsy

Phone: well I asked what type of chemical u use the manager wouldnt allow me to see the container at this time my friend is having trouble breathing