Complaint: Last November, I joined the VIP club with Pizza Hut – as much pizza as we ordered from them, it would have been stupid not to. When I signed up, it said for every 2 orders placed over $10, you would get a free pizza, with a maximum of 2 per month. For the first few months, we got a free pizza every month (though some months I knew it should have been 2, but we only ever got one) We always tipped the driver well, because, even though the bill was lower because the pizza was free, doesn’t mean he/she deserves less. Plus, hey we got something free, so we’ll kick in a little, help the fellow working man. Then, June came along… I was waiting for my coupon in the mail. Nothing. During June, our schedules were very hectic – and that month we ended up making SIX orders, all of them well over $10 – so we should get 2, but at LEAST one, right? NOTHING. So, I got online and wrote the corporate customer service, and checked the box that I would like a representative to contact me reguarding my issue. I waited…. and just like their VIP program… I got nothing. No response. I’ve since stopped ordering from them all together – and we were d**n good customers for them. Then I get an automated e-mail from them, “We’ve noticed it’s been a while since you’ve placed an order. We miss you!!”” Followed by another: “”It’s almost time to renew your VIP membership.”” Ha ha ha. I’ll get right on that! They can lose a good customer and keep their decieteful program and their nastey pizzas. Erin Lawrence

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