Complaint: It is a rarity that I take the time to do a form like this however it seems that this Pizza Hut belongs somewhere else outside of Oakleaf. We have the happiest & brightest of communities. This Pizza Hut is beneath our community. Someone with customer service training should answer the phone instead of Mark or Matt or what ever name he is mumbling. I became accustomed to great service at Pizza Hut. Now I found that I don’t order pizza as much or I would prefer to buy a frozen pizza rather than to deal with this franchise. Pizza Hut should avoid false advertising in stating any pizza for 11.99 online when your pizza order will be stopped stating “your order can not be completed… it has too many items…”” It would be better stated that ‘You have selected an item that we consider too expensive for you to order under the 11.99 scam of ours… Please choose another topping with a lower price…p.s. don’t choose peruvian cherry peppers. Thank you’ I feel that I waste my time on the phone with rude staff

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: & I add insult to injury by attempting to order online. The result is only to have the price jacked up to normal price negating the sale price for the “”ANY”” pizza that I began the order under or find myself in continous loop of non-completion of order do to unacceptable toppings…..WTF is new with Pizza Hut because the sheer number of complaints on here tell the story… Pizza Hut your F****** up!! P.s. Please stop kill baby chickens for the micro wings you are selling… Sooo very frustrating to attempt to eat the tiny frigging wings… If that is someone’s cost saving idea? Please slap that A-hole forwards & again backwards…”


Phone: Crosshill Blvd, Orange Park , Florida USA