Complaint: Employees that work for any of the “dave payne”” ran stores are asked to do more then their day to day jobs. They are asked to clean human feciest off of the floors from the bathrooms over flowing continuosly. They are asked to remain open and cook food with water up to their ankles in the kitchen from the bathrooms. They are also told if the power goes out the manager on shift is to make sure they stay there until the power comes back on or for a minimum of 4 hours and that is considered a break period you are to time adjust your self so you are not paid for this time. Over time is not allowed but you have 2 managers and thats all and you each can only work 40 hours? how is that? It’s not! They take your overtime hours away… Working off the clock goes for all employees. Working shifts alone to save on there LABOR costs is a daily. One employee is to do all except delivery.. I do not suggest anyone to apply to a v&j owned pizza hut. Not safe for your health or your pocket. Deonnasmommy2003 troy

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