Complaint: Not only did I work with Planet Hospital on their Cancun Surrogacy team but my surrogate is presently under their care and control! We still have not received an egg retrieval report nor an embryo report from the clinic that PH uses because Rudy has told them not to communicate with me even though my husband and I earned over $20,000 in pay working for him! So I make these statements at my own risk and I am scared for my surrogate but I cannot let other IPs get scammed! I worked for this company as did my husband in order to be able to pay for our surrogacy. Geoff Moss is dishonest and mean. I have e-mail messages showing that he asked the medical clinic to falisfy records when he and “Rudy”” Rupak Acharyya stole eggs from an innocent

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Address: unsuspecting IP that trusted them with is life savings and his dream of becoming a father! PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR DREAMS OR YOUR MONEY! I also have proof of the confrontation that Geoff Moss initiated via e-mail when I began to investigate his activity in relation to the egg stealing incident. He attempted to scare me away but I continued to colllect evidence of his evil acts! “”Rudy”” Rupak Acharyya is a scam artist! The negative reviews are TRUE! Please do your own research. He will tell you that the negative reviews are from “”disgruntled employees”” or “”clients that didn’t get pregnant”” but it’s not true! You watch. His response to this review will be to try to discredit me just like he did to another IP on Trustlink in a prior review. In MY opinion

Website: wait and watch!”

Phone: this man is a MONSTER and he should not be trusted with your dreams or your money. There are so many other options. Please explore them! He prays upon the vulnerable and exploints their dreams of creating a family! When people demand a refund once they discover his lies