Complaint: I purchased $85 worth of car audio merchandise that included 1 pair of rockford speaker ($60), 2 fuse holder ($7.50ea), and 20 terminal ($.50.ea). $95 total after tax. They ended up giving me a lower model speaker even after i specfied a model number of the speaker i wanted. I ended returning them the speaker, but they did not give me a refund nor did they want to get the correct speaker. The manager started to say I was f***ing him because i wanted the refund.I filed a small claims, but the judge dismissed the case because I did not have the orginal reciept (Planet stereo kept it when I returned the speakers.) Now that i have a $93 storecredit, when i went to spend the credit, the store manager Tony inflated all of the prices. the wrong speaker that they gave me would cost $90, terminal $1.50ea, fuse holder $20ea. , which meant i needed to pay them more. The manager also wanted to bet me my storecredit and to humiliate me for an apology, but when i ask what would i have gotten if i won the bet, he said i wouldve win nothing After this incident, i reported them to the BBB but they denied all wrong doing, and in a written statement said that I was making false claim and they do not treat their customers unethically. And if I wanted something I should go to their store and they would help me.I ended up giving Tony a call to try to resolve this problem. I told him just give me the wrong speaker and 1 fuse holder and 2 terminal and I will just take the loss, but he refuse to agree. He knows i have a worthless credit. He wanted me to go down the store, but from the last 3 times i went there it was a waste of gas and all he did was try to humiliate me by bad mouth me in front of his employees. When i told him over the phone that i wanted to settle the case, he said he was busy and hung up on me.short of $85 which is not a big deal, but this is the impression and my experience with planet stereoNelson West Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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