I purchased some seeds for planting from Walmart yesterday. Among them were these Sunflower seeds from brand name Ferry-Morse (Since 1856). I started to plant them today and opened the package to find for my $1.44 cents I got a whole 7 little sunflower seeds to plant. They don’t tell you that on the package. They only say 800 MG, as if you are suppose to tell how many seeds make up 800 mg?! This is what the hell is wrong with America is you ask me. Getting ripped off. I am sick of it. I can buy a large package of hundreds of roasted, salted AND flavored sunflower seeds from a convenient store for a $1.44 but I can’t get but freaking SEVEN dang seeds to plant??


  • Name: Plantation Products Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: Norton
  • Address: 202 S Washington St
  • Phone: 508-285-5800
  • Website: www.plantationproducts.com/