Complaint: I received a call from +1 (442) 615-3364 The lady gave me her name & ID#.. this is the info she gave me. Company # 855-444-7155 Angela ID# 10363083 Platinum Rewards Platinum it all seemed legitimate. These programs do exist & ive used them before so I almost gave her my credit card # but something told me to Google them. She kept saying it was called PLATINUM REWARDS & I asked her for the webpage & she said A quick google search showed no such address. But it said there was a travel company called I asked the lady if she was a travel group & she said no. She then tried talking me into giving her my credit card # THEN she’d transfer me to a supervisor who could explain everything. To me that was a red flag. So again I told her unless I could prove her company existed I didn’t feel comfortable giving me # out. At this point she hung up on me. So then I googled PLATINUM REWARDS SCAM & found this webpage. I’m usually fairly savvy not to fall for scams but I almost fell for this one. Please read & share with others. Again… this just happened to me at 2:40pm 2/15/17

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: +1 (442) 615-3364