Plattner Automotive Group
I was hired as an out of state employee. During the negotiation process, i was assured my moving expenses would be compensated during the first week of employment. After countless attempts to collect monies due, Plattner made working for him so reprehensible, I sought employment after the first 30 days of my employ. Of course, I was terminated before I could resolve this issue. His assistant, Larry, maintained Plattner”s image as a “stand up guy who takes care of his employees”. REALLY? I have an additional complaint on scam report. If anyone is considering a formal litigation against this piece of human waste, please consider me more than than interested. By the way, I wonder how far he would get if he hadn”t married a Decker, as in “Black and Decker” Larry shared with me that Plattner hides certain financial movements under his children”s name to avoid IRS implications. Such a quality guy,

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