I ordered a toy on 1/9/09 and my account was charged on 1/12/09. I tried contacting them on 1/19/09 when I realized my ordered was still listed as “processing”” and they claim to ship within 4 to 7 business days. Their phone number is disconnected and their email is undeliverable even though I got an email on the 9th stating they received my order. I had to call my bank and go through a ridiculous process to get my money back and still have to fill out a bunch of paperwork over $22!! nThis company is still advertising toys as “”in stock”” and when I Google them

it actually shows their advertised deals. I am appalled that they are taking money from people even though they are clearly out of business. I wish I had seen these other complaints before ordered because it would have saved me a lot of trouble. It’s the principle of the issue that is really bothering me. I hope no one else gives them their money because this is clearly a scam!!! nChristi1975nLoganville


24305 Town Center Dr. Valencia, California U.S.A.