Plusmar S.A. Took My Money And Never Took Care Of Me And/Or Any Of My Complaints, Period! A Very Selfish, Greedy Company To Travel With! 2535 Hauser BoulevardLos Angeles, California 90016 Wednesday, December 21, 2016c/o V.I.P. Corporate ExecutivePLUSMAR S.ARuta Provincial 36 Nu00b0 1225 K.M. 24,500 Florencio Varela, 1888 Argentina 54 11 4287 2000Regarding: Very Serious ComplaintDear PlusMar S.A Executive:Good Morning or Good Afternoon to You!How is your day today in sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina and/or wherever You are in the World?My day could be going much better, thank you, except due to the Fact that back on Sunday, December 11, 2016, I took one of your long distance bus rides going from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Monte Hermoso, Argentina and I did Not have such a good travelling experience.First of all, the Bus Ride was Supposed to be Executive Service, but according to what I saw, experienced and/or received that was Not The Case!During the trip, the food that was served was All Sugary Junk Food and definitely Not The Type Of Food That You Would Want To Receive On A Bus.Even on an airplane, You get Better Food in the Cheapest Seat Possible!Not Only Was The Food Bad, but the Toilet Was Over Flowing With Urine All The Way To The Top and the Water Was Not Coming Out Of The Bathroom Faucet.Is This What You Call Executive Bus Service?I Would Hope Not, but that was Not The Case During My PlusMar S.A Bus Experience.Since I am so angry and upset with Your Service, I am requesting for Half The Money and/or Full Credit To Be Given Back To My Visa Credit Card With Chase Bank for my Inconvenience.Enclosed, in the attachments, please find copies of Pictures That I Have Taken On Your Bus During My Excursion As Evidence To Show You for your reference and further review.If You would like to contact me back in order to discuss my letter of Very Serious Complaint in further detail, then please call me on Whatsapp at: (((REDACTED)).You may also email me back at: (((REDACTED)))@GMAIL.COM or (((REDACTED)))@YAHOO.OMYou may also contact me back through Facebook under: HOWARD P S or Skype: (((REDACTED)))I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard P SAngry And Upset PlusMar S.A Bus Customer/HPSEnclosures: Please See The Attachments For Pictures Coming From The Horrible Bus Ride Back On Sunday, December 11, 2016 For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.PS: Up To This Date, Plusmar Has Failed To Communicate With Me, Nor Respond Back To Any Of My Complaints!PS: My Only Sense Of Recourse Is To Publish Many Negative Reviews Against Them In The Prayer Of Hope That They Will Finally Wake Up And Do Something About It For Me. Thank You.

Ruta Provincial 36 Nu00b0 1225 K.M. 24, 500 Florencio Varela, Argentina

+54 11 4287 2000

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