Please do a favor to yourself and do not hire these people! After over 20 grand and I have a worse roof than when I hired them. I paid for getting more leaks!!! What a joke they are. They say they would warrant their work but in reality they do not. Westley pluta the owner will show up and bullshit the best in the world in the beginning and at the end he does not gatanty his low, not knowledgable, and terrible work. Will not pickup your phone, will not respond to my BBB complain. After 1.5 years he never gave me a finished product for his work not he will finish nor he will warrant his work. If I can save your headache please and honestly do not hire him. At this point I cannot maid anylonger since Wesley Pluta is a true crook that he just cannot help it!


  • Name: Pluta Construction Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Deer Park
  • Address: 21720 W Long Grove Rd #243
  • Phone: 847-834-9599
  • Website: