I saw on an e-mail about a thank you gift from Walmart. I went through the items and chose a “luxury” purse. Then they offered a bonus gift of a heart necklace. I ordered them. When they came the purse was cheaply made and had a strong vinyl smell and the necklace was pretty but the box holding it was cheaply made. There were no names on either item that said who made them. Also on my credit card account information it stated that the charge was $5.95 for the purse and $6.99 for the necklace. Then approximately 10 business days later $99.59 was added for the purse and $99.99 was added for the necklace. When I called they said I had 10 days to trial them. She cancelled my account upon my request as she said I was over the 10 day trial. However on the receipt there is no address and it says “do not reply to the email as it is an unmonitored email account. I want to get them shut down so they won’t scam anyone else