In August of 09 I was driving by the mall in St. Albert and on the corner of the lot was a “huge blow out sale”” for Polar Spas. Having been looking to purchase a hot tub for the back yard we pulled in to have a look. The sales person Shaun was quick to point out what a great deal we were getting and that “”their tubs”” were winterized and chemical free which was great for our climate here. We ended up making a deal for a Tahoe hot tub. unfortunately their printer was not working so we couldn’t get our paperwork until we came to pick up our hot tub in 4 weeks. Well lesson learned we picked up our hot tub 8 weeks later as it wasn’t ready for us in the promised 4

but no paperwork

no manual

and no real directions for use. We worked through that though and my husband left for work up north. Our first shock came when our hot tub wasn’t working quite right and we called to have it serviced. They told me at the west end location (145ish st and 118 ave) that our warrenty was up and that we hadn’t purchased the extended warrenty. (which we had gone to the south location and done) With my husband making a trip to the other location to aquire a copy of the extended warrenty he purchased shortly after buying we went back to the location closest to us and asked for it to be serviced. It took them forever to come out and when they finally did they told us it was the service pak and replaced it. My second larger shock came when I realized that the payments we were making were for a much larger purchase price than we had agreed on but since in reality I made the deal (with no paperwork to prove anything) and the payments were financed through my husbands account and he (wasn’t sure of the deal and was out of town for the first while) I had to take the lumps as a stupid move on my part and suck it up. I loved using my hot tub and while I thought I had learned all there was to learn about purchasing things on impulse and not fact checking it turned out I had more to learn. I could never figure out why my insulated hot tub dropped from a nice and toasty warm 104 degrees to a freezing 94 within half an hour of use in winter. I have several friends and family members with hot tubs and they thought that perhaps the spa package I had put in was not quite enough amp and since my husband is routinely out of town I thought that was the problem and forgot about it until recently. Over the course of this year my friends dog cracked our cover so I needed to get a new one. So I started shopping around and my husband went into a place close to where he was working and ordered a new one (as polar spas never returned our calls so we could order one through them.) Last week I noticed our hot tub jets weren’t turning on so my husband went back to the other spa place he had ordered our hot tub cover from and asked them to come take a look at it (as it was no longer under warrenty) To our shock we were told that it A) is not winter iinsulated B) the plate that should have all the information such as serial number

model number etc was changed out and blank C) that we needed yet another service pak D) that all the information we were told about the chemicals was crap and that is why our hot tub keeps breaking down. E) That with what we paid in total for our basic hot tub we could have purchased what we were told we were getting but much larger and with all the bells and whistles. I have left several msg’s and have called to no avail no one from polar spas will return my call. I was willing to take my lumps at the beginning as I made some stupid mistakes but this is just too much.”