In 1993, I was a serior airline Captain with a major airliine captain, living in Tarpon Springs, FL. My wife then, Mary Anne Lee (Saag) of Haines City Floria had forged my name to hecks, bounced thousands in dollars in checks, took out credit lines of credit from my credit union without my knowledge and allowed out home to go into foreclosure on three occasions because she did not take the check I had written to the bank to pay our mortgage for our home. Little did I know she was having an affair with Doug Nassaur or Richmond, VA. Doug’s wife, 8 months pregnant did not know it either until my private investigator told her. In September I995, I was involved in a classified research project with NASA. This project was to make flying safer for all of us. The dates of the project were September 21-23. My ex-wife, Mary Anne Saag decided she would accuse me of stalking her. I was notified of the date to show up in court to answer these allegations. The Prosecutor was none other than Angela Cowden. I had driven to Florida to retrieve my two sons for Chritmas holidays and drive them back to Tennessee as they were to young to fly alone to Memphis and nor would their mother/ my ex-wife deliver them to the airport. So I had driven the 12 hours to Florida to retrieve my two sons. My ex-wife had refile a stalking report on me (that had been settled in Pinellas County (Clearwater) in October when we had caught the former wife lying under oath when she claimed the day i had stalked the fomre wife was one of the days I was actually being videotaped by NASA in the aircraft simulator. The Polk County prosecutor was Angela Cowden. Angel was trying to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law but she had done no research. She had not called the former prosecutor Joe Bulone in Pinellas County nor the Presiding judge in the case (who is a corrupt b****** Judge Cope). Angela Cowden had me incarcerated in Polk County jail and the Pineallas County jail for 5 days. When she learned the fomrer wife, Mary Anne Saag had made a false police report and lied under oath, Angel Cowden did nothing. We had to fight for my release and go over her head to her boss, Jerry Hill for my release. Angela Cowden did nothing to the former wife for her lies under oath nor for filing a flase polic report. Instead, Angel came up with “she thoufht she saw you.” This was b******* and subsequently cost me my airline career as an airline captain. Now, Angela Cowden is a Judge in Highlands. FL. This just shows that if you are a piece of s*** in law enforcement, you will move up the ladder to be a bigger piece of s***! I would not trust Angel Cowden any farther than I could throw her. (

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