Well Ponice Robinson claims to be a Christian woman, let’s start off by saying God doesn’t try to get a man locked up just because she is embarrassed this woman claims to be such a Christian but may have committed paternity fraud accepted money from me well gifts and clothes and jewelry for a child and turned around and went down to the courthouse to get an restraining order? You claim to be a Christian but you care more about men then if the kid was my child letting me have a relationship with her after this Ponice Robinson I’m done you ruined my life and I just hope one day your baby girl grows up To see how not only u manipulated the system to believe you are an victim but how you manipulated her as well . A Christian woman would pray to god to know how to co patent and not shut the father out if he is in fact the biological father just because u get a new guy doesn’t mean he becomes that kids father but of course you put on a mask of being This abused woman u weren’t abused you just weren’t use to a Man U could manipulate the courts will side with you because of your gender that’s why I don’t even come there for court so you win hopefully ppl see through you matter of fact they will ,what’s done in the dark always comes to the light