My Experience with Swimming pool product Buyers Beware! Before buying from or DPD pools please read this. I purchased an automatic pool cleaner from in april 2009. Here are the details of my experience. Long story short, they have my money and my product and I have nothing. I would strongly recommend avoiding this website and company when buying pool products. 1) Purchased the Manta Maxx automatic pool cleaner on 4/25/09 According to the ad the cleaner would clean any pool regardless of shape 2) Received automatic pool cleaner on 5/16/09 3) Assembled and tried out in pool on 5/16/09 Cleaner would not work in my pool. Would not climp into the shallow end 4) Contacted on 5/18 to explain the cleaner would not work 5) Pooldeals advised me that they did not accept returns for open items 6) Contacted pooldeals again on 5/19,5/20 and several more times through 5/28 7) Pooldeals finally agreed to accept the return and issued an RMA# 8) Item was returned to pooldeals on 6/1/09 via USPS with delivery confirmation 9) Pooldeals never issued a refund or credit Pooldeals now has my $139.00 and the cleaner. Conclusion: I received a poor quality product that pooldeals eventually agreed to accept as a return and now they have my money and my pool cleaner. In addition, I feel that I have given pooldeals many opportunities to resolve the issue. I have all documentation including all emails, agreement for return, RMA #’s, delivery confirmation of the returned pool cleaner and the original credit card transaction. However, pooldeals has not refunded or replaced……I feel like I have had my money stolen. Maybe I should file a police report. If anyone has any ideas on what to do next, please let me know. Buyers Beware of this website and company. My next step is to contact the BBB and local small claims court Internet United States of America

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