Pool Supply World sold me an old version of some pool equipment that they had in their warehouse. I am not able to use this equipment with the latest features because the unit they sold me was two years old when they sold it to me. The more recent version that I needed was out for over a year already, but Pool Supply World only had old stock and sold it to me as if it was the latest revision. I now would need to spend over $300 more to get the feature that I wanted to work. Pool Supply World told me that they sell whatever is in their stock, no matter how old it is, and they consider it to be the latest! Buyer Beware! If you shop with Pool Supply World you will get what they have in stock, even if it is years old and outdated revisions. They don’t seem to care.


  • Name: PoolSupplyWorld
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Roseville
  • Address: 1382 Blue Oaks Blvd Suite 200
  • Phone: 800.772.0467
  • Website: www.poolsupplyworld.com/