Complaint: starting 2-1-2013 I have had a and 1-800-SHOPCVS and CVS in-store problem via Pop Hall James Hall James Cannady James Gross apparently they have linked with Duane Reade (New York) and abuse people to shop there which is periodically for me. actually I shop Duane Reade for pocket tissue and pocket hand sanitizer. their envelopes went up from $2.49 to $3.19 their MoneyPak is fixed (60 min wait time) and apparently someone has started tampering with other MoneyPak which to me is better. (I reported) (money order moneygram 99 cents and moneygram reach FBOP in a few hours). near the end of March I purchased a frozen chicken burrito on sale (okay) I walked to the local Duane Reade again the next day and they only had a few bean & rice burrito and no chicken – they had a morbid stack of turkey mole burrito (large black letters) I purchased one and never mind (ground ?)

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Phone: 301-248-6045