Complaint: The air conditioning unit of my vehicle was damaged by their metal drive-thru canopy. The clearance is stated as 8′ 10″ in large letters at the beginning of the drive-thru. The actual clearance is about 8′ 3″”. The edge of the canopy punched a hole in the air conditioning unit and it no longer works. The estimated total damage is about $2000. I immediately got out of my vehicle and began to video the situation while the vehicle was still in the drive-thru. In spite of the fact they were on video

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Address: employees at the scene were unhelpful and non-responsive. I also returned to the scene later with a witness. I had the witness video me measuring the clearance and verifying on camera the situation as stated. I wrote to the company requesting they have their attorney or insurance agent contact me. They have so far ignored me. I guess they hope that I will just go away if they don’t pay me any attention. Please have one of your mediators contact me as soon as possible. I really need your help with what to do from here. Jim Houston


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