This company should be shut down. Their packaging is terrible. The vials that the poppers are in are dangerous. Are they counterfeiting the PWD Rush brand? Or re using the vials? Disgusting and dangerous. I have used poppers before but when I tried to inhale from this it BURNED my nose! I have 3rd degree burns on my nostrils and difficulty breathing. I had to rush to the ER and stayed 2 days under observation and nearly lost my job because of this. When I tried calling Poppers Pronto support line on 855 290 0275 no one ever answers. I must have called over 30 times by now. No response to emails either. I am afraid to go to the police because I don’t want to out my sexual orientation, but this nasty company should be shut down! I wonder how many others they have harmed. This is very dangerous product that they are shipping, probably counterfeit. The doctors told me that it could have literally fried my brain cells, as in burns if it had got past the nasal cavity. Somebody reading this please take action against this company.

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