I bought two shirts from this company. They sent me one that was small instead of the large I had ordered and the other one was stained and ripped. After many e-mails to ask for a refund, they suggested that I give the items to a friend (?!) When I wrote back to ask again for a full refund because I didn’t get what I paid for, they offered me a 3$ refund (!!). If I wanted to send back the items for them to evaluate my request, I had to pay for shipment. They reminded me that it was very expensive and that if anything went wrong with customs, I would be responsible… So long story short, this company is a fraud. They send you any item, wrong size, broken, not at all looking like the one on the picture, but who cares, they’ve got your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. Basically, they steal your money sending you rubbish! AVOID!!!!

Shanghai, China