Porsche Beaverton aka Sunset Porsche Kyle McLean, Larry Wendell Do Not Buy From These Criminals Beaverton Oregon!!. For some time I have been for a CPO 2018 Cayenne Platinum Edition and found one on Cars.com and Autotrader.com at Porsche Beaverton, aka Sunset Porsche. The car was also listed on the dealershipu2019s website. I contacted the dealership using the Autotrader website. Kyle McLean from the dealership replied to my request via email and we started to negotiate the price of the vehicle listed for sale. I agreed to a fairly high price for this vehicle because I wanted a CPO and this vehicle had over 2 u00bd years left on the warranty. It also had the options and color I was looking for. I am located in San Francisco and this car was located just outside of Portland, Oregon. I could not see the vehicle before agreeing to purchase so I relied on the advertisement and the information on the dealershipu2019s website that this was in fact a Platinum Edition. The

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