VICTIM OF RACIAL PROFILING by PORTER AIRLINES. I was shocked to learn that I am a victim of racial bigotry by a Porter Airlines employee. While travelling from Toronto to Boston during the holidays I was given an upgrade by the ticket agent. I boarded PORTER Airlines, sat in my newly assigned seat and the stewardess asked me why was I sitting in that seat (I was upgraded to the front of the PORTER AIRLINES flight). I said: “u2026 they changed my seat u2026″” and proceeded to show her my boarding pass – she shook her head from left to right; I then said: “”u2026 do you want me to move u2026″” the stewardess said: “” u2026 no you’re fine.”” I stayed in my newly assigned seat

arrived at my destination and thought nothing more of that particular incident. Now at the airport returning home

to my surprise at check in

from Boston

I was asked to wait and stand aside