I went to Posh-Puppy.com to purchase a puppy for my daughter for Christmas on 12-17-2019 and had someone named Jerry Smith on their messenger start asking me questions. I got information it was a sale 5 year anniversary and prices slashed for $499 for puppies. I had my daughter select one and they said they would have it on a plane in a cabin area by a nanny who accompanies and moniters and cares for the puppy and would have it delivered to my door in 48 hours. Ordered Wed. 12/17 would have Friday 12/19/19. I asked how I would be guaranteed to receive the puppy and they say 30 day money back guarantee. They required a Zelle payment to [email protected] for recipient EMONI MCDONALD. I sent the payment and they gave me a confirmation number 247c36395. They requested my name, address, phone no. and email. They said they would reach out to me the next day with flight information. I had an uneasy feeling after providing funds that they advised they got immediately. I decided to go off the website thereafter and saw a post on google about a scam site with the same name. I was crushed. No puppy and lost $500. I immediately called my bank who is trying to recoop but since zelle payment almost impossible. I put in a police report case 1912-01880. I was told I need to get an attorney and do a subpoena to try to get Citibank (who shows this account as active) to possible retrieve some of the funds back, but there is no guarantee. Thank you, Laurie Erekiamre