Do not do business with Brad Newton of Poshtots as a buyer or a retailer! He is a total scumbag and liar. | Here is my story: I have been a vendor on poshtots for many years under the direction of it’s original owner Andrea Edmunds. We had a great relationship and sales went very smoothly. Then Brad Newton bought the company and decided to change things up a bit. I got a purchase order for a playhouse in March of 2017 to be built in June 2017. Under Andrea, I would deal directly with the client, collect the money and pay poshtots a 10% finders fee. Brad wasn’t interested in doing business this way and decided to collect all the money from the client in full. I made many calls to poshtots only to be told by his help that he would call me soon and let me know what the arrangements were. He never called. Fortunately, I had the clients address on the purchase order and sent her a note letting her know I would be building her playhouse and to call me with any questions. She did call a week later to see how the progress was coming and when I would be arriving for the install. I had to inform her that I had not recieved any money up front to start and I wouldn’t begin anything until I got a check from poshtots. | Well, she argeed with me and started to call poshtots to see what was going on. Bradley kept dodging the bullet with her as well, always on the “other line” or in a meeting and “he’ll call you back. We both kept trying to get the situation resolved, but no answers. The client started to threaten to go to dateline and expose Brad as a fraud and that finally got his attention. He finally wired half the amount to get started with the agreement to send the other half when I was ready to leave and complete the job. The final bill of $1300.00 for travel costs would be held until the job was complete. A week or two later I called for the 2nd half of the payment as I was ready to leave and got stonewalled again. No return calls. Then they came up with “We will pay you on june 15th, the day the product was to be delivered per the purchase order. The product has to be built on site and takes 10 days to complete. I said I wasn’t going anywhere until the second check arrived so that started the client calling again, not happy at all! So June 15 rolls around and amazingly I get a call from the shipping dept saying Bradley wants to pay the second half. First half was paid by wire transfer, now he wanted to pay by credit card! | Fortunately I had a paypal account or I don’t think he would have paid me. The credit to my account was good, minus the $300.00 transaction fee. Now the outstanding debt was $1300.00. Upon completion of the job, I took pictures to verify and asked for payment of the $1300.00. Good luck with that! I have been totally stonewalled. Bradley won’t return my calls. In fact, when you call his personal cell# it immediately goes to voicemail, so he screens all of his calls. No response to my text messages and when I call his help, they apologize and say they haven’t been authorized to send payment. | Bradley claims to be a Christian and is also owner of FIG stores (Faith in God). What a perfect setup. Who wouldn’t trust a good Christian man in business? He is the total opposite. Please read the other reviews on line and do not support this crook!


  • Name: Poshtots
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
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  • Phone: 1.800.927.5164
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