I received an automated telephone call that asked me to answer a few questions to verify if I was eligible to take a free cruise to the Bahamas1. Are you over 18?2. Do you have a State issued form of ID?I was then transferred to Jessica who gave me her corporate # FL1194 she gave me a few details about the free cruise and stated that this was a program that was used to fill unsold rooms on the cruise ship "Grand Celebration".After a discussing the amenities of the cruise ship and explaining how everything was free except for the casino, drinks and shore excursions, she asked me if I had ever been on a cruise before. I told her I had and that I had enjoyed my trip. She told me that I would get a free stateroom with a personal attendee, as well as 24 hour room service free with the room. Having been on several cruises, I understand that this is standard service, and not something special that she had made it out to be. She did tell me that I would also have the option to upgrade my room to one with a window if I wanted to pay the difference. At this point she told me about the $65 taxes and service charge per person and that I could book this for up to 4 people if I wanted to, but that I would have to pay $130 per couple immediately to hold the reservation for my future trip.I told her that currently I was unable to pay the $130 so she told me to call her back on the 1st when I would be able to do so.The originating phone call came from phone number 727-312-0004The number I was given to call her back was954-565-1808The unfortunate or fortunate reality is that everything I have Googled on both of these numbers states that this is a scam.I guess I will take my money and just buy my own tickets.