RUN RUN SCAM CALL CENTER SELLING POSITRACE GPS RUN OUT OF ROMANIA | I own (4) trucking companies in the united States and my fleet managers keep getting calls from a Company called Positrace, or Global Fleet Management which is the same Company. We use GPS service on all of our trucks and vehicles for my Companies. Last month my fleet managers kept getting calls from sals people claiming to work for Positrace, global Fleet Management out of Dallas TX, after investigating the caller we found that the company is located in Vancouver, BC and Toronto. The callers sound like they are calling from Eastern Part of Europe very deep English speaking accents, very funny cold callers, they keep calling everyday with a very hard sell, look out is all I can say. | When you ask them questions they don’t even know the product they are selling. There Positrace GPS service is a low grade GPS service product and we found out that the product is not only a bad GPS product and service its way over priced in today’s market. | The sales guy from Vancouver contacted my fleet manager and was very rude when we asked for their call center in Bucharest Romania to stop calling us, we told him we don’t want to use their GPS service and the cols callers don’t know what the hell they are selling and if they did we could not understand them on the phone anyway. | The sales manager in Vancouver, BC told my fleet manager to F-off and he had no control over who calls his company, he has never been to Bucharest, Romania and never met any sales people out of Romania, he only talked to George Scurtu, Petre Dobos, or Caliopi Gudin Romanian call center managers running the room I would need to speak to them, F-off and slammed the phone down. | We looked into the Bucharest, Romania call center its run by Mycostmaster, My Cost Master Communications, Inc and Impact Telecom looks like they have a big call center marketing many different products and telecommunications services all from Romania. Caliopi Gudin the Director of the call center is in charge of it all with the owner Dan Pantea adn investor Stan Cohen. | My point is we did our investigation and home work on their Boiler Room and want to let you all know to stay away, we lost a little ney mand a lot of wasted time for my fleet managers but we could have lost much more if we put their bad GPS service on all of our vehicles, stay far away from Positrace, Global Fleet Management and their Boiler Room out of Bucharest, Romania.


  • Name: PosiTrace
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Address: #301 – 7 West 7th Avenue
  • Phone: 1-877-787-2231
  • Website: