Let me tell you about my Poulan PRO gas trimmer. IT was purchased at Home Depot neighborhood of $200. I used it end of the first season and did have some difficulty getting it started but figured it was new. I then stored for the winter with dry gas and winterized as I do for all my equipment. Due to move the trimmer along with all other items in storage. I pulled from storage and tried to use and it would not start. The other items fired up and worked. I used an electric trimmer and figured I would get it fixed later. OK, so I put it off another season. I brought it to a reputable dealer. Here is what he did 1)cleaned air filter 2) changed spark plugs 3)cleaned the carburetor 3 times 4)inside gas tank showed signs of rust. He kept getting it to start and would stop and would not continuously run. He said the piston rings were shot and junk it at this point not worth fixing. I contacted POULAN 1800-554-6723. I spoke with Heather gave model # 25HHT 711793 and serial # Gave her all information mentioned above. NO help out of warranty. I told her I could send it and they will see almost new and maybe run time of 2 hours. NO GOOD got NO where. Kept saying OUT OF WARRENTY of 2 years. DO NOT BUY. MAKE JUNK DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR PRODUCT. My brother has a gas trimmer decades old and you canu2019t kill it . Iu2019m using his now. STAY AWAY FROM POULAN

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