We found PL Productions through eBay. We bought a pair of expensive subwoofers that the seller took forever to ship. When the product finally arrived, it was not exactly as pictured. It did not have wheels, the boxes were scuffed and they rattle when we hooked them up. nWe gave Ron another chance. We had a very high end and rare pair of studio speakers, Gauss 3588, that we needed reconed. We sent the speakers to Ron to repair for $340.00 + an extra $50 to professionally ship and insure. nRon did not ship both speakers back to us at the same time like we shipped to him. He sends back the first speaker using the cheapest shipping option available at USPS and did NOT insure. As a result, someone saw this high value item and stole our product. We filed a case with USPS and they are looking into it. When I called Ron to let him know our product was stolen, he accused me of stealing it and called me the racist “n”” word. I had him on speaker phone when he did it and several people heard his racist remarks. He had no reason to speak with me like that. nWhen Ron sent back to the second speaker he did the same as the first

he did not insure and did the cheapest available shipping option. When the speaker arrived

it was damaged in the box. We believe Ron purposely damaged our speaker. nAs a result

we lost a very high end rare pair of speakers which cost us $1500.00 and we lost the $390.00 that we paid him to recone our product. That’s $1890 that we lost and we have to buy another pair. This is a total loss for us because Ron did not use the extra $50.00 we gave him to insure our product.”

337 W. Baseline St. San Bernardino, California United States of America