Power Ride Outlet They sold me two scooters with an expired dealers license and then never sent me the titles for them after i received the scooters. Upland California!!. I purchased two 2018 TaoTao 50cc 4-stroke scooters from Power Ride Outlet online from there website on September 11, 2016. On September 26, 2019 i received the two scooters without incident. However, after a week of not getting the titles for them, so my wife and i could register them, i called Power Ride Outlet, emailed them, and even tried there “live” chat line but couldn’t get a hold of anyone for about two months. Finally, i got someone to respond on there live chat line and was told that they had to make the titles and certificate’s of origin’s, and that would take a week. Well, as you can tell, here it is March, 25 2019 and still no title’s. After several, and i STRESS SEVERAL, attempts to get a hold of this company, i decided to do some snooping. And what

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